Saturday, October 9, 2010

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School- 1st Grade

SO we have managed to start school off nicely!! Olivia is doing well and pretty easy to get up and get going. She is living off of charts to earn money for American Girl!!! It is really working- most of the time. Its nice b/c all I do is wake her up then she goes and reads her morning routine chart and does everything!!! Love it!! The night time one not going as well but not too bad either!! Tried the charts w/ Billy, but he just doesn't care!!
Josie is just so so much fun right now!! She is staying w/ me at work more instead of daycare b/c she is just so good anymore. Pretty funny gal too!! Just like Billy was, if not funnier!! And she loves her mama too!! But when she sees her dad- she flips out!! She just adores him anymore!! I can't drive by the farm w/ out stopping or she gets very upset!! He's loving it since she has been such a mama's girl for so long. But he does realize in the end that she still wants her mom!!!
Well not much else going on- you people need to entertain me w/ some new posts!!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Well, the last blog I had been stuck @ home b/c the kids were sick and I was hoping it was over- NO- the next wk I got it!! Sickest I think I have ever been!! I was absolutely miserable!! Luckily, Bo came to my rescue(I know- stop rollin eyes!) Seriously though- he did EVERYTHING!!! Took care of kids, fixed dinner and was even nice. He did realize how hard it is for me to cook, clean AND have 3 kids up under me!! He said I was a pretty good mom to be able to do all of that!! But now I am better and back to work. We are still going to the pool as much as we can. The whole working out thing is not going so well, ever since I was sick I just can't get motivated. No walking b/c its like 105 outside, can't do my video b/c dvd player broke- this sucks. I still do some but I really need to get back at it! I have lost about 33 lbs now so that makes me happy!!
Olivia is sooo not ready for school. So that day will be very interesting- its next Wednesday-AGHH!! So not ready, but it will be good for her to be back on a schedule! She definetly needs order or she is just a nightmare!! We were gettin to the point of not knowing what to do anymore w/ out someone calling the state on us!! Hopefully, after school starts and she's more on a schedule, it will get better w/ her. As for Billy- well, he's 3!! Not much more you can say. Hell on wheels!!!! He is just a handful anymore!! So much energy its insane!! But still very loving little guy!! And then there's Josie- awe- just love her. She is at such a fun phase. She went from crawling to running. She now is trying to talk, so she will babble a full sentence like she is telling you something- its so funny!!
We are so so excited to be coming in October- the kids are already talking about it!! Olivia tells everyone she can't wait to play w/ her girly girl cousins b/c she doesn't have any here!! Anyway, I'll quit babbling- kindof boring here for now, but we did get to see Toy Story 3 so that was fun! Anyway- talk to ya later!! LOVES......

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here a just a few summer pics- not too much going on. I have been trying to take the kids to the pool more often but then of course sickness hits and we are out for about a week!! UGHH!! But I am pretty sure everyone is back to good health now- fingers crossed!! I was told that we will be starting the house in about 2 wks- fingers crossed again!!! Not sure if it really will happen but I'm hoping!! Other than that not too much! Still trying to get to see Toy Story 3 but hasn't happened yet. I have been working out like crazy- walking 2 miles a day, work out video @ home, push mowing the lawn and more. Its become kindof a habit so when I don't get to, I get frustrated. I was stuck @ home for 2 days b/c of sick kids so it was nice to be able to get out. So far I have lost about 28 lbs which is so great of a feeling. FINALLY!!!! Hope I can stick to it!! Anyway, hope all is well w/ everyone else- YOU NEED TO BLOG!!! Love ya all!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

So alot has been going on lately w/ birthdays and summer and all!! I just emailed pictures from Josie's party or put them on facebook b/c there were just too many to post on here. It was a great party. I was worried b/c it has been raining like crazy but it finally stopped just in time to make it hot and humid! But w/ a snowcone machine in hand the kids were fine. She completely wore herself out.
As for Billy's birthday, he had a great time. He still thinks its his birthday. And then there is Olivia! Oh Olivia!!! She ended up getting swimmers ear really bad and with it being her it was quite dramatic!! I stupidly took all 3 kids by myself to get their pictures done Monday morning when she was st her worst!! Thank goodness for photoshop!! I really can't wait to see these pictures! They should be very cute!!
And then there's the water!! Olivia would go swimming everyday if we let her, hence the swimmers ear!! But she does get to go w/ her daycare twice a wk and then at my sis-in-laws so she goes plenty. The kids love to get the slip in slide out at grandma's and play. But Dylan busted it last time so hopefully there's a new one. Other than that not much else going on. Still losing weight- I have lost about 17 lbs now which I am very excited about and can hopefully keep up at it!! I take the kids for walks around the lake in the double stroller and that really kicks my butt so as long as they are willing to keep going I will. Gotta get back to my skinny self!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

For MOM-
So Billy received this awesome mud table from mom for his birthday and LOOOVVVESS it!!! It ended up going to the farm inhis new sand box b/c he was there all wkend. He hasn't stopped playing with it- it is so cool. I am so glad this is what they got- THANKS MOM!!!

p.s. ignore his eyes- he was in the hayfield all day saturday and seems to have really bad allergies- hopefully Benadryl will be all he needs but he will be out of the hayfield for awhile

Friday, June 4, 2010

And today is my special little man's birthday!! This kid has got to be the funniest, sweetest little thing ever!! Now, don't get me wrong- he has turned into a little demon but he still climbs up on my lap and wants me(just me!) to hold him!! If you ask him- who's boy are you? he replies "mommy's boy" It just melts my heart!! Daddy has even tried to trick him into saying daddy's boy but he never will!!! We don't have much going on for the big day, he took cupcakes to school and got to eat one for breakfast!! Then after work we will go for a walk around the lake, then to the park and afterwards to get a snowcone! No its no Bahama Bucks just some little shack on the side of the road but my kids know no difference. He wants pizza for dinner so we will do that! On Sunday we will have just a family birthday party at grandma's w/ his DINOSAUR cake that he is very excited about!! It is kindof weird having 2 birthdays so close but I am handling it- I just love these kiddos and love to watch them change!!! These kids are such a blessing in my life even if sometimes I feel like I am going to lose my mind!!